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About Us - Mprojekts Creative Group

Mprojekts Creative Group is a full-service production company.  We specialize in visual creation, documentation, location scouting, crew hiring, events production and other related media fields.

At Mprojekts Creative, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life in full color, whether it’s through long or short-term documentaries and narrative films, TV commercials, or stunning photography.

With and experienced, innovative and professional crew, our diverse portfolio showcases successful national and international brand productions.  We equally value and work collaboratively with individuals, small businesses and large entities with grand visions.

Mprojekts Creative houses a team of talented art directors, editors, producers, cinematographers, and writers-all dedicated to providing a premium balance of quality control and an exceptional customer service experience from the initial concept to the final delivery.

When you choose Mprojekts Creative, you can be confident that your project is in the hands of passionate professionals committed to making your creative dreams a vivid reality.  Let us bring your stories to life and together, we’ll craft a visual masterpiece that will leave a lasting impact on your audience.

Director and Producer of Mprojekts Creative Group

Meschida Philip – is a seasoned Creative Director, Filmaker and Events Producer who founded Mprojekts Creative after identifying a significant gap in the industry.  With over 15+ years of experience, her primary focus is creating original Caribbean content and showcasing the richness of Caribbean creativity to a global audience.

Meschida has played a vital role in revitalizing the film industry in Grenada through her work with Mprojekts Creative and internationally recognized 12°N, 61°W Grenada Film Festival (also known as the 1261 Film Festival).  This festival provides a platform to promote filmmakers from Grenada, the Caribbean Region, and the African Diaspora, emphasizing diversity and equality in storytelling.  Meschida’s genuine passion for storytelling and dedication to fostering talent has been instrumental in the festival’s success and positive impact on the cinematic landscape.


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