Mprojekts Films is a pioneering force in Caribbean filmmaking. Their debut film, ‘Scars of Our Mother’s Dreams,’ made history as Grenada’s first film distributed in Africa. The company creates authentic and inspiring content that highlights Caribbean culture and history while addressing global issues. They stand out with their co-production deals with international studios, bringing their unique storytelling to a wider audience.

Mprojekts Film - Scars of Our Mother's Dream - Grenada Film Festival

Scars Of Our Mothers’ Dreams is a short documentary that offers a unique, intimate glimpse into the complexities of parental migration through the lenses of children left behind. Years after her own personal struggle to overcome the feeling of childhood abandonment, filmmaker Meschida Philip returned to Grenada in search of others with similar childhood experiences, to find out how their lives were impacted after their parents migrated.

Meschida Philip

Dominique Remy

Anthony D. Bridgeman
Natasha LaMothe
Melissa Jeremiah

Mprojekts Film - Searching for Crystal - Grenada Film Festival

“Searching for Crystal” A desperate Caribbean father searches for his sixteen-year-old missing daughter, who is feared to be kidnapped by domestic human traffickers.

Directed by Meschida Philip
Produced by Meschida Philip and Eva Minemar

Featuring :
Rose Bhagwan, Earl McLeish, Amilio Degale, Lex Wilks, and Kerrie Shawn Allert.

Song covered by Shanique Maloney

Filmed in Grenada.